Some impurities that must be removed before performing Salah

1. Human urine.

2. Human Excrement.

3. Wadi: A thick white secretion that might be discharged after urination.

4. Mathi: A white sticky prostatic fluid, (other than sperm or semen).

5. Menstrual blood.

6. Defecation and urine of animals whose meat is not permissible to eat (carnivores, such as lions).

7. Dog saliva.

8. Water remaining after a carnivore has drunk from it.


How to Purify Things

In general, water can purify anything that is impure.†


One must remove all impurities from his/her private parts by using any pure matter (i.e. toilet tissue) three times, or by using water, or both.


1.††††††††† Purifying the body and clothing:

This is performed by washing them with water until they are cleansed of impurities.† This is especially important in the case where the impurity is visible, such as menstrual blood.† If there are some difficult stains that remain after washing, they can be overlooked.† If the impurity is not visible, such as urine, it is sufficient to wash it once, but preferable to wash it three times.


2.††††††††† Purifying clothing from a male infantís urine:

This is performed by sprinkling water on the stained clothing. If it is stained by the urine of a female infant, then it must be washed.


3.††††††††† Purifying the bottom of shoes:

This is performed by rubbing them against the ground until the remains of Najassah (impurity) are removed.


4.††††††††† Purifying the ground:

†††††††††††† (a)†††††††† Pour water over the impurity on the ground (soil or sand).†

†††††††††††† (b)†††††††† Allowing the ground (soil or sand) to dry from the impurity (such as urine) will †††††††††††† †††††††††††† make the area pure, only if there are no visible traces of the impurity left.


5.††††††††† Purifying utensils if they were touched by dog saliva:

This is performed by washing the utensil seven times with water. The first cleansing should be mixed with soil.† However, if the saliva has touched the body or clothing, then only one cleansing is needed.†


The body must also be free of Hadath (ritual impurities).


Minor Hadath and Major Hadath

1.††††††††† Minor Hadath:

This requires Wudu (ablution). It happens after one or more of the following occurs: natural discharges like urine, excrement, passing gas, falling asleep, or unconsciousness of any kind.


2.††††††††† Major Hadath:

This requires washing the whole body.† It could be caused by unconscious ejaculation (e.g. in one's sleep), intercourse, menstruation or post-childbirth bleeding.† This type of washing requires bathing the whole body, including, the head with pure water.