Majlis Al-Shura

The Shura is elected for a four year term by the members of the Islamic Association of Raleigh. The IAR Constitution and Bylaws describes the functioning of the Islamic Association of Raleigh and the various rights and responsibilities of the general members, the Shura, the Board of Directors and the administration team.

The Shura comprises a group elected from the general body to appoint, oversee, guide, and direct the work of the committees. The Shura members elect a Chairman, and a Vice-Chairman to help them implement their duties towards the organization.

The Shura meetings are held on the second Sunday of every month after Dhuhr prayer in Conference Room #240 at the Islamic Center of Raleigh. These meetings are open to community members to observe and attend. Meetings typically have a specific agenda with follow-up items from previous meetings and new items.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis shura meetings are held online until further notice. If you are interested in attending a shura meeting, please send your request to [email protected] one week prior to the meeting.

Current Members of Majlis Al-Shura:

Name Phone Email
Hassan Imam
919-834-9572 ext 1349 [email protected]
Mohamed AbuTaleb
919-834-9572 ext 1357 [email protected]
Ahmad Quqa 919-522-7024 [email protected]
Ahmed Ayad 252-907-9268 [email protected]
Ibraheem Khalifa [email protected]
Imran Aukhil [email protected]
Mateen Akhtar 919-605-1771 [email protected]
Mimrah Hossain 919-208-5730 [email protected]
Mohammed Elgamal 910-290-5100 [email protected]
Mohamed Najih [email protected]
Nouman Siddiqui [email protected]
Osama Said 919-749-1222 [email protected]
Rashid Salahat 919-357-3811 [email protected]
Shahmeem Rajak 919-600-0569 [email protected]
Zainab Baloch [email protected]