Reservation Form

Multipurpose Hall / Gym Reservation Check List

  1. Please review the IAR Facilities Reservation Policy. When you submit a request for reservation, you are agreeing to abide by the IAR Facilities Reservation Policy.
  2. Before requesting a reservation for a room, please visit the Reservations calendar to verify that the Multipurpose Hall / Gym is available for your date and time.
  3. IAR Facilities close exactly one hour after Isha Iqama (call for prayers). The IAR Security personnel will ask you to vacate 10 minutes prior to closing. All reservation requests should honor the closing time of the facility and the reservation request should not exceed the closing time of the facility. Since the Isha Iqama changes throughout the year, please check the prayer schedule before making the request and if your request exceeds the closing time then it will be rejected.