Matrimonial Services

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage and we pray your union and your home are blessed. The IAR officiates marriages in accordance with Islamic norms and North Carolina state law.

Please note the following guidelines to help make your ceremony run smoothly:

  • Obtain a marriage license before the IAR marriage ceremony from a North Carolina Register of Deeds office. ¬†Additional information available at (919) 856-5460 or
  • The following individuals should be physically present at the marriage ceremony:
    • Groom
    • Bride
    • Father of the bride or an equivalent Mahram (relative guardian) to her, serving as Wali
    • 2 Muslim witnesses (IAR can provide if needed, with advance notice)
  • The following documentation will be required on the day of the marriage at IAR:
    • Marriage license (the register of deed)
      • No Marriage is performed without valid Marriage License.
    • Photo Identification for bride, groom, and witnesses
    • An agreement specifying the amount of the Mahr (dowry) agreed upon and how/when it will be paid.

Please note that per IAR Policy:
IAR mails the original marriage license papers to the court for final certification, and the court provides the official marriage certificate by the mail to the couple.

All marriage ceremonies are performed at the IAR Mosque, 808 Atwater Street, Raleigh, NC 27607 and are by appointment only.

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