For New Muslims

The Islamic Association of Raleigh welcomes new Muslims to the community and has classes and support groups designed to help new Muslims learn more about Islam and the Muslim community.

Basic Classes About Islam

The IAR offers a weekly class that focuses on fundamental beliefs, Quranic Arabic, as well as the meaning of the Quran. This class is an excellent resource for new Muslims who are interested in learning more about Islam

New Muslim Support Group

The New Muslim Support Group assists recent converts by providing them with the basic tools you need to pray, read Qur'an, and obtain resources on Islam. The support group can also provide a mentor or point of contact to help you on your new journey with Islam

Links to Islamic Resources

A list of various Islamic resources including basic information about Islam, a guide on how to pray and advice from other converts to Islam.

Glossary of Islamic Terms

The Holy Quran was revealed in Arabic and many of the terms commonly used in Islam and by Muslims are in Arabic as well. To help those who do not know Arabic, here is a list of common Islamic terms and their meanings.