Muslim Cemetery

The Islamic Association of Raleigh owns and manages the Muslim Cemetery located in Wendell North Carolina approximately 25 miles to the north east of the Islamic Center of Raleigh. The street address for the cemetery is Hankinson Rd Wendell, NC 27591, it is located off Edgemont Road in Wendell.

In Case of Death

Here are some steps you need to take in case of a death in the family

General Procedures

Overall Rules & Procedures about burials in the IAR Cemetery


Frequently Asked Questions related to the Muslim Cemetery

Directions to the Muslim Cemetery

How to get from the Masjid to the Muslim Cemetery?

Janazah Alert

Join the IAR Janazah Alert group if you want to be notified of Janazah prayers at the Islamic Center of Raleigh. Subscribe to IAR Janazah Alert Email: Visit this group There is a consensus among all the great Muslim jurists...

Basic rules of Islamic funerals

Compiled by Mohamed Baianonie Imam of the Islamic Center of Raleigh to help family members and relatives of deceased individuals. It is requested that Muslims be familiar with these issues at all times since death can approach anyone at any given time or place.