From a weekly Sunday school classes to a full-time Quran memorization school, the Islamic Association of Raleigh is committed to providing quality Islamic education that can easily fit your lifestyle.

Educational Programs

The IAR provides short educational programs that do not require long-term commitments and are aimed at people with busy lifestyles.

Al-Iman School

Al-Iman is an accredited, full-time Islamic school for Pre-K to the 8th grade.

Al-Furqan School

The Al-Furqan Sunday School provides Islamic education to the children and youth of the community in the areas of Quran Memorization, Quran Reading, Islamic Studies and Islamic Discussion.

An-Noor School

An-Noor is a new Full Time Quran memorization School for 3rd- 6th grade, it's aim to help you memorize the Quran without slowing your academic progress by providing courses from your regular school curriculum.