Educational Workshops and Seminars (EWS)

Summary: The Educational Committee (TEC) holds seminars/workshops throughout the year at the Islamic Center of Raleigh (ICR). Topics covered in the past have included:

  • CPR/First Aid Certification

  • Project Management Training

  • SAT Preparation Course

  • Income Tax Preparation

  • Media Preparations Workshop

  • Marriage Seminar

Coordinators of Evening Lectures need to consider the following:

  • Encouraging individuals/organizations to present

  • Maintaining a schedule/calendar to plan several weeks/months in advance

  • Providing presenters with a time frame (i.e. first two weeks of January, Saturday & Sunday after Dhuhr for 2 hours)

  • Advertising via announcements, internet, and flyers

  • Promoting diversity in terms of ethnicity, gender, culture, age, perspective, and locality**

**Locality implies encouraging visitors and guest speakers from outside the area to participate in EWS