Short Talk Program (STP)

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Summary: Short talk program is an educational program by The Educational Committee held at the Islamic Center of Raleigh. The talks are held after Fajr and Maghrib/Isha prayers throughout the week.

Between November - March the FNP is held after Isha prayers and switches to Maghrib prayers during the rest of the year. The approximate duration of a short talk is about 5-10 minutes, with the exception of talks held on weekends which are held for an hour.

Topics covered during this program may include:
  1. Islamic Creed
  2. Islamic Law
  3. Family Issues
  4. Contemporary Islamic Issues
  5. Community Issues

The Education Committee considers the following criteria for this program:
  1. Encouraging individuals/organizations to present the short talks
  2. Maintaining a schedule/calendar to plan short talks several weeks/months in advance
  3. Providing presenters with a time frame (i.e. Mondays after Isha for 8 weeks)
  4. Advertising short talk program via internet and flyers
  5. Promoting diversity in terms of ethnicity, gender, culture, age, and perspective

TEC and Presenter Expectations can be found here.

Anyone interested in participating in the program please see the STP Protocol.