IAR Opens Its Doors

CBS 17 reports on 700 plus visitors to Islamic Center of Raleigh to learn about Islam. We extend an invitation to others to schedule private tours. Please contact us at [email protected]

Prophetic Prayers

No matter what we are going through in our lives or what challenge we might be facing, we are blessed with a solution through a prophetic prayer in the Qur'an. Let us explore the Prophetic Prayers Together this Ramadan. Presenting A Ramadan Reminder Series: Short Daily Khatera After 4 Rakah of Taraweeh with Imam AbuTaleb.

The Transformative Impact of Zakah

Khutba delivered on 5/12/2017 by Imam Mohamed AbuTaleb

Righteous Families #2: Treasure Your Home

Deriving practical lessons from the hadith of Aisha RA of the eleven women so we may improve as spouses and children.

A Word of Hope

An inspirational word of hope from Imam Mohamed AbuTaleb encouraging you to remain proudly, unapologetically Muslim - and to use times of uncertainty and despair to paint new dreams and recommit to education and development. (transcript)

Announcing Imam's Initiatives 2016 Q1

A new video announcing the Imam's Initiatives for the beginning of 2016: (1) Behavioral and Mental Health, (2) Expanding IAR's Reach, and (3) Community Connections: African American and African Immigrants.

In Review: Imam's Initiatives 2015

From the grounds of our beautiful new playground, we are pleased to share a video on the accomplishments and progress we've been blessed with in our community for the 2015 Imam's Initiatives: (1) Family Fridays, (2) Transformative Education, and (3) Community Connections: Youth.

The Courage to Come Together: Unity in Building Islamic Institutions

In this sermon, Imam Mohamed AbuTaleb shares tools used by the Companions in understanding Islam to build unity in their homes and community.

#NotInMyName: on Extremism and Islamophobia

A recording of Imam Mohamed AbuTaleb's Friday khutba (sermon) has been posted to YouTube. This sermon addresses the unusual marriage of two groups interested in marginalizing Muslims and demonizing Islam - extremist groups and Islamophobes - and how Muslims must take back the narrative of Islam for themselves.

Imam's Initiatives for 2015

First video from your new Imam! A warm welcome to all of you plus Imam Mohamed AbuTaleb outlines the Imam's Initiatives for 2015 - (1) Family Fridays, (2) Transformative Education, and (3) Community Connections.

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