In Case of Death

Steps to take in case of a death in your family

You have to contact the IAR Cemetery Committee in order to perform the Islamic rites of washing the body and burial at the Islamic Center of Raleigh's cemetery in Wendell NC.

  1. Choose only one family member or friend to coordinate with the Cemetery Committee. Do not let multiple family members coordinate with the Cemetery Committee.
  2. Do not call any funeral homes.
  3. Call one of the phone numbers below.

IAR Cemetery Committee Phone Numbers


The IAR Cemetery Committee is run by dedicated volunteers to help you with Islamic rituals of preparing the deceased for burial and with burial at the Muslim cemetery.

Funeral prayers will be held at the Islamic Center of Raleigh after daily prayers. We try to schedule the prayers after Dhuhr or Jumuah prayers and leave for the cemetery immediately after the prayers.

Please follow these instructions to follow the funeral home van to the IAR Cemetery.

To learn more about Islamic funerals, please read the article written by Imam Baianonie

Funeral Homes

The IAR Cemetery Committee has the latest list of Funeral homes on contract. Please call the committee for details. Funeral homes charge only an agreed upon price.

Approximate cost of burial (may change)

Items Cost
Cost of Gravesite FREE
Washing the Janazah FREE
Burial kit, Wood, Grave Marker $400
Digging the grave $450
Funeral Home
(see description of services provided by the funeral home)
$1200 to $2000
Total costs for burial in the IAR Cemetery $2050 to $2850

Services provided by the funeral home

  • Transfering the janazah from the hospital to the funeral home
  • Use of bathing room facilities for washing the janazah
  • Preparing the janazah including shrouding with the kafan
  • Casket for transporting the janazah
  • Use of visiting room
  • Funeral van for one day