Food Pantry Guidelines

  1. ONLY Authorized Personnel are allowed inside the Food Pantry Storage Area.
  2. All individuals are required to fill out and sign the necessary paperwork to receive food aid through the IAR Social Welfare Committee Food Pantry.
  3. Recipients must create an orderly line at the designated area to receive food aid. Once the food has been received it is requested that recipients vacate the Food Pantry area promptly.
  4. At each visit, recipients are required to verify their name/address with the Food Pantry staff, and sign appropriate documentation in order to receive Food Aid.
  5. All recipients of food are required to be present in order to receive this aid. If, however, recipients are unable to come because of extenuating circumstances (continuous medical illness, on the job, etc), appropriate paper-work needs to be completed in order to provide this aid.
  6. Requests for additional or special food items available in the pantry can be made to Food Pantry Staff; the decision will be made by the Food Pantry Aid staff on duty.
  7. Any individual exhibiting unacceptable behavior will be requested to leave and may be denied food assistance, and/or be reported to the authorities.
  8. Any situation of disagreement or grievance by individuals receiving food aid can be reported in writing to the Social & Welfare Committee Chairperson.