Vendor Registration

Monthly Vendor Registration Form

Prospective Vendor Information Sheet

Thank you for choosing to be a vendor at the IAR. While we welcome all vendors to conduct business on IAR property, please note that we extend this opportunity as a privilege and not a right.

All vendors are expected to adhere to the policies of the IAR and more specifically, to the rules put forth in this document, in order to ensure a fair and seamless process. We are constantly working to enhance your experience and that of your customers.

To do this, we are making changes to the vendor registration process. Effective immediately, vendors will be required to register online the IAR website Monthly Vendor Registration Form.

Vendors will be required to pay electronically (cash transactions will no longer be accepted). Vendors will also reserve a booth location using the online form.

Vendors will receive a confirmation e­mail which they must print and place in a visible place within the booth. Because we have limited space, you will be served on a first­ come­ first ­served basis. Once a potential vendor acquires a spot online and pays for it, that spot will no longer be available to others.

All spots will be clearly labeled (with numbers) and the boundaries for each merchant will be clearly drawn. If for some reason the vendor fails to show up on the scheduled day, he/she forfeits both the funds and the location to others--also on a first­ come ­first ­served basis.

Vendors are expected to act responsibly and avoid conflict with other vendors while on the premises. Any violation of these rules will result in (a) a referral to the IAR safety and security committee, or (b) removal from the IAR grounds, or (c) loss of the privilege to conduct business on IAR property in the future. We thank you for working with us to make this transition a success.

Masjid Vendor Rules and regulations

  1. Vendors must reserve spots online
  2. Payments will only be accepted via credit cards, or debit cards through the online 'vendor' link or the kiosks in the lobby.
  3. Cash payment WILL NO longer be accepted
  4. Vendors must confirm their reservations by Wednesday at midnight if they wish to sell on Friday.
  5. A Confirmation email must be visible and/or present with the vendors
  7. Vendors are NOT allowed to take pictures of other vendor's items or interfere in their business.
  8. Vendors MUST stay between the black lines within their designated area.
  9. ALL products must stay between the marked black lines.
  10. Vendors are permitted one (1) spot ONLY.
  11. Vendors may not reserve spots for more than one (1) week in advance.
  12. There will be no refunds due to inclement weather and/or outside circumstances.
  13. All products sold must adhere to IAR and Islamic rules and regulations.
  14. If there are any altercations between vendors that are not related to the masjid and require management or security intervention, this will result in a written warning. Any subsequent altercations will cause dismissal from IAR property.
    1st time - Warning
    2nd time - One week suspension
    3rd time - One ­month suspension
    Subsequently vendors will lose privileges to operate on IAR property.
  15. At this time, we are allowing vendors to agree on their spot locations through an agreement between themselves in a rotation. If however, we experience difficulties with any of vendors, or if a new vendor wishes to sell at the IAR, we reserve the right to change the vendor area selection criteria.
  16. Lastly, this is a preliminary list of rules. We reserve the right to change, alter, delete, or add any new rules and regulations as we see fit.

IAR FAcility Maintenance (Management) Committee

Vendor Information Sheet (pdf)

Last Updated July 3 2016